Peace of Mind and Comfort                  

BrendLyn Assisted Living in Palm Coast offers a home for seniors who are in need of personalized and extra attention. Everything you might want and need in an upscale environment. We provide a safe, healthy, happy, and respectful living atmosphere for our residents. Services also included are RESPITE, HOSPICE, and Day Care.

Our mission is simple, to make sure that our residents are healthy, happy and expertly cared for. We focus on our residents, health, family, and friend’s peace of mind and comfort, which is why we make sure that you live as independently as possible. We have a secure large fenced yard for recreation.

About BrendLyn Assisted Living

We have more than 25 years of collective experience in our skill, nursing, assisted living, and independent living. We use our modern training, knowledge, and experience to provide the best total care for our residents. Our facility administrator is Shirlyn Harrington. Shirlyn has a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. Our company is led by Al Harrington, our director and manager. Under their supervision, we provide the care and services that your loved ones need and deserve. We  currently have 2 facilities located at Buttonworth Drive and Fieldstone Lane.